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USA Tri Sports TM
USA Tri Sports TM
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Our Story

About USA Tri Sports

Created to inspire athletes, USA Tri Sports provides accessories and apparel for running, cycling, triathlons, and more.

Our Story

Hello, I’m Jonathan and this is my story. The owner and founder of USA TRI SPORTS LLC, CEO of USA Rx Pharmaceutical Services Inc. and Time Bandits Rx Staffing Services. I began my career in the pharmacy industry when I accepted a job at the Loma Linda University Medical Center. I was on staff for more than three decades, and have gained extensive experience in pharmacy procedures, operations, and benefit contracting matters.

I established one of a few privately-owned mail-order pharmacies in the 1980s. I have given lectures on pharmacy economics and geriatric pharmaceuticals. Have also been on various industry advisory panels. My work with Time Bandits Rx Staffing Services has taken me to countless retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, and home care pharmacies.
I have also had the privilege to have been part of a medical team that was invited by special invitation from the government of The People’s Republic of China to help establish the first western-style hospital in the country. I have also traveled with an organization called “Liga-Flying Doctors of Mercy” on monthly trips to Mexico, offering medical aid to underprivileged villages.

After some 40 years plus in the industry I retired 12/25/19. On 12/9/20 I was diagnosed with Cancer. On July 7, 2023 through the efforts of the entire James M. Slater, MD Proton Treatment & Research Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center I was able to walk out with a new outlook on Life being in total remission.

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My overall goal is to help and guide anyone who struggles with decisions in their battle with Cancer. To bring more awareness of early detection and treatments and how Healthy Lifestyles may improve your overall chances of dealing with Cancer.


As an Ironman, Triathlete and Marathon runner and being a Medical Professional for over 40 years nothing prepares you for the shock of hearing the words “You have Cancer!” Your whole life’s journey changes for you and all your loved ones. I created this site and business during my Proton Cancer Treatment at Loma Linda University Medical Center. The “FIRST” Medical Center in the World to use such therapy beginning October 23, 1990. It was during this time I wanted to somehow get the word out. “There is Hope and Help” for those in need. I decided what better way than to go after the industries that attracts some FIVE MILLION participants yearly world wide! The Ironmans, Triathlons, Marathons and Cycling events. With every purchase on this site a donation will be made to the Proton Treatment & Research Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center. I encourage you to click on the link and visit their site, donate if you please, save it and share it with someone in need of information.

USA Tri Sports
USA Tri Sports Apparel


Our mission at USA Tri Sports is to inspire perseverance on the path to achieving your goals. We want to motivate you through apparel, gear, and words of encouragement to keep taking steps towards your personal finish line, whether that’s completing a 5K run or qualifying for an Ironman triathlon. Don’t stop striding until you cross your own victory tape. We hope our motivating slogans and long-lasting gear give you that extra boost of tenacity to achieve the goals only you can define.

Thank You and Good Health to all.

Shop And Support The Fight Against Cancer

When you shop with us, you're also supporting the Proton Treatment & Research Center at Loma Linda University. We're proud to donate a portion of proceeds to this innovative facility advancing cancer care.

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